Terms and Conditions
  • By registering to use the Seizmic Inc. website, you are aware and agree that all prelims generated by Seizmic Inc. are the property of Seizmic Inc. They are only a guide to assist in selecting components and are not to be used to order materials without first being reviewed and approved by a Seizmic Inc. engineer.
  • You also agree that any prelims generated using the Seizmic Inc. website shall NOT be given or shared with other engineers, except for employees of Seizmic Inc.
  • You also agree that any used components that may be intermixed with newer ones, may affect the capacity and integrity of the system, and thus should be reviewed by Seizmic Inc. prior to any binding commitments.
  • Be aware that some Villages, Cities, Counties and States, may have special requirements, that may affect the final designs.
  • You are responsible for any wrong assumptions in the data that you enter through the website. Incorrect assumptions may invalidate the results.
  • The website is to be used ONLY for analyzing Selective, Tunnel Bay, Push-Back and Flow rack configurations.
All prelim requests submitted to Seizmic Inc. must conform to the following criteria. Requests that do not conform will not be processed.
  • One manufacturer per prelim request.
  • Project name and full street address must be included. Without a full street address, Seizmic cannot determine the correct seismic parameters for the project. A Zip Code is NOT SUFFICIENT.
  • Make sure that your prelim request includes accurate information on slab thickness and compressive strength. If the slab information is not accurate, then the prelim will be INVALID.
  • One type of rack per request (structural, bolted, or welded). If the project involves multiple types of rack, a separate request must be submitted for each type.
  • Turn-around time depends on the number of profiles in the request:
    • 1 to 12 profiles: 24 hour turnaround
    • 13 to 24 profiles: 48 hour turnaround
    • 25 or more profiles: 72 hour turnaround
    • NOTE: If your prelim request is received by 12pm (noon), you can expect the above turn-around times. For requests received after noon, expect an additional 24 hours to be added to the turn-around time.
  • If your prelim request involves existing rack, ALL rack components must be specified in the prelim request. Incomplete prelim requests cannot be processed. If necessary, attach a separate document to the request describing the existing rack.
  • To request changes to a completed prelim, mark up the original prelim sheet (in red) and email it to PrelimReply@SeizmicInc.com, making sure to include the prelim number in the subject line of the email. You can expect to receive a revised prelim within 36 hours.
Review Log:
Periodically, a log of the completed prelims will be provided to registered website users, along with a number showing what percentage of those prelims became orders that required final calculations. If that percentage turns out to be very small, Seizmic may elect to lengthen the response time for that user so as not to delay those who convert a prelim to a final project.